More Nesting

Notice how the list of links to different repositories goes away when we navigate to a repository? What if we want the list to persist, just like the global navigation persists?

Try to figure that out before reading on.


First, nest the Repo route under the Repos route. Then go render this.props.children in Repos.

// index.js
// ...
<Route path="/repos" component={Repos}>
  <Route path="/repos/:userName/:repoName" component={Repo}/>
// Repos.js
// ...
    <li><Link to="/repos/rackt/react-router">React Router</Link></li>
    <li><Link to="/repos/facebook/react">React</Link></li>
  {/* will render `Repo.js` when at /repos/:userName/:repoName */}

Let's bring in our NavLink from before so we can add the active class name to these links:

// modules/Repos.js
// import it
import NavLink from './NavLink'

// ...
<li><NavLink to="/repos/rackt/react-router">React Router</NavLink></li>
// ...

Notice how both the /repos link up top and the individual repo links are both active? When child routes are active, so are the parents.

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